Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Transferring...for real.

Well after a 6 month delay I am going to the Distribution Center in February! I am happy to be starting a new adventure, professionally...

On the running front I ran a Marathon PR in November (3:58) at the Eye-Q Two Cities Marathon and a 50k PR (5:54) at the Ridgecrest 50k in December.

The Grand Canyon was an awesome time in October. Jeff, Bonnelle and I ran across, spent the night and ran back. Lisa and the boys drove our stuff around to the North rim. She even had the camp set up, tent and all. Love that! We ran into Catra Corbet on our way across as she was heading back to the South on her rim to rim to rim...All in all a great trip. Great company, great food, and of course...great scenery.

Now we're training for the Montana de oro 50 in Feb. In March we're going to do the Malibu Creek 50k and the Sycamore Cyn 50k. April is Leona 50 mile. May is Nanny goat 24 hour in Riverside.

That's all for now...
Happy Trails. Mike.